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About Us - Why We Created ItsBackOn!

After several years of suffering from broadband devices that did not properly restore connections we were determined to find a solution. This problem was not just an occasional frustrating inconvenience for us at the time. We relied on systems connected to broadband for many important automated processes that affected ourselves, our business, and our customers. We could not afford to have the connection down for hours or even days because of something as trivial as the need to power cycle the cable modem! Furthermore, we relied on access to these systems from remote locations and could not always depend on someone being there to restart the router. We have suffered through nightmarish situations where we could only connect to our systems from a remote location for only a few time periods each day due to time or service constraints and would find the connection down when we needed it. It would take hours for someone to power cycle the modem and it would drop the connection again before we could reconnect causing this cycle to repeat, sometimes several times! It was much more than frustrating; we felt infuriated and helpless. A solution had to be found.

We researched remote power control solutions. Aside from being very expensive many of them utilized a telnet interface which would be worthless if we did not have an internet connection and were not on site. Some of them offered a way to reset via phone which could work, but would require a dedicated phone line. All of the remote power control solutions we found were designed for corporate environments and were too big and expensive for our needs, especially given the annoying simplicity of the problem. We then found X10; an inexpensive solution that would allow us to reset our router automatically via remote, telephone, internet, and most importantly, via our computer! What was even more exciting is that X10 is a complete automation solution, not just a remote power switch. The low cost could easily be justified, especially given the additional automation and efficiency we could gain in our home and office. Plus, it is simply an exciting product to have for anyone who, like us, enjoys automation!

After finding and building a solution for ourselves it was only a small, logical step to make it available to the larger internet community. We knew we were not alone in this problem and we were not aware of a solution for it that was already available.

We hope that the combination of ItsBackOn! and X10 solves connectivity problems for you as it did for us. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

P.O. Box 22234
San Francisco, CA 94122
Fax: (866) 242-0083

Ordering and Payment Information

We accept Visa and MasterCard (including check cards with Visa/MasterCard logo) as well as PayPal. We accept American Express, Discover Card, and electronic checks through PayPal only.

At this time we do not accept credit cards issued by Non-U.S. banks.

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If you prefer to not place your order online you may also mail or fax your order to:

P.O. Box 22234
San Francisco, CA 94122
Fax: (866) 242-0083

Note that products must still be delivered electronically, even for mail or fax orders. Be sure to include a working email address with your order to assure quick order fulfillment.

Sales Tax

We are required to charge sales tax on all orders shipped to California. However, products that are delivered entirely by electronic means, which make up all products we offer at this time, are not subject to sales tax regardless of your location. For details on this exception please refer to California Publication 109: Are Your Internet Sales Taxable?.


Fully functional time-limited demo versions of all our products are freely available to our customers for review. Returns are not accepted once software has been purchased. Please review the software carefully prior to purchase to make sure it fits your needs.

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