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Privacy Policy

ItsBackOn is committed to protecting your privacy. This document explains how ItsBackOn collects, uses, and safeguards your personal information.

Collection and Use of Information

Web Site Use

ItsBackOn may collect various information about how its web site is used including, but not limited to, the page the site was entered, path followed through the site, length of stay on each page, and systems and browsers used to access the site. This information is collected anonymously; it is not correlated with any personal information you provide.

We use this information to get a better idea of how our customers learn about our products and use our site. This information allows us to improve our marketing, site layout and accessibility, and other aspects of our operations. This information is not used to determine behavior of a particular consumer; it is used to provide us with an overall picture of site use.


The main source of personal information is ordering. When you place an order we maintain information you provide.

This information is used to fill your order, provide assistance, and make you aware of future opportunities. ItsBackOn does not make its customer list available to outside parties.


We retain any e-mail, letters, or other correspondence we receive from you. This information is not, in normal course of business, made available to anyone outside of ItsBackOn. We may request your permission to make some information, testimonials for example, available to others. Without your permission this information will remain internal to ItsBackOn.


Sensitive information collected when ordering is handled on a secure server and is stored securely by PayPal and/or our shopping cart provider. We do not store financial information such as credit card numbers on our systems.

Less sensitive information, such as name and address, may be transmitted through the Internet in plain form.


Cookies store pieces of information collected on, and/or used by, a web site on your local computer. This information is available only to the website that created the cookie and can be deleted by you at any time.

ItsBackOn uses cookie technology to maintain orders in the shopping cart and may use this technology to maintain other information between sessions. This information is used only to provide you with a more enjoyable web experience and is not used to track your personal surfing habits.

Opt-Out Information

ItsBackOn does not share your personal information with outside parties. ItsBackOn may use this information to contact you for marketing, as well as other, purposes. We treat your privacy seriously and send compact communication as rarely as possible, while still providing you with a quality experience. You may opt-out of any future marketing communication from ItsBackOn by sending an e-mail to our Customer Service. The opt-out process may take up to 10 business days; you might receive communication from ItsBackOn during that time.

Partner Sites

ItsBackOn works hard to select quality partners and provide links only to quality websites. However, each partner has their own privacy and terms of use policy that is independent of ItsBackOn. Therefore, our partners may collect, share, and use your personal information differently from ItsBackOn.

Changes to This Policy

This Privacy Policy represents the official policy of ItsBackOn at the time it is published. ItsBackOn reserves the right to modify this policy at any time. Modifications will take effect from the moment the new policy is placed online.

If policy changes affect who may contact you and how often, all existing customers, who provided an e-mail address, will be informed of the change and given an opportunity to opt-out.

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